Sentence spelled out by balloons breaks Guinness record

May 28, 2021

Dec. 11 (UPI) — A party balloon company broke a Guinness World Record in Florida by using 7,236 balloons to spell out the phrase: “Success has nothing to do with luck, it is a matter of consistency.”

Decoraciones Globos, a Venezuelan balloon company founded by sisters Genesis and Iravid Nieves, recently opened its first U.S. branch in Miami and decided to celebrate by breaking a Guinness record for the world’s largest balloon sentence.

he sisters, along with Francisco Gonzalez, led the effort to arrange the 7,236 balloons into the 53-letter sentence.

Guinness verified the resulting sentence — “Success has nothing to do with luck, it is a matter of consistency” — was the largest balloon sentence in the world.

Iravid Nieves said the sentence was appropriate for the record.

“This world record is the living example of this phrase,” she said.