My Sister

Ago 6, 2021


Two sisters use their talent and creativity to first seek survival and then, reinvention.

They never thought that the business that helped them stay afloat would become their passion. This is the story of how they created success from scratch.

This story is inspiring and shows how Genesis Nieves and Iravid Nieves developed their creativity to become the most recognized balloon artists in the industry within the Hispanic market.

Throughout their journey, they witness first-hand the importance that there are no excuses when you want to get out of difficult situations and move forward in life, and that is how the Nieves sisters use their talent and creativity to be recognized as the most influential balloon artists of this era.

“Success has nothing to do with luck, it is a matter of consistency” is a phrase that shocked the thousands of people who saw the documentary and that inspired them to build the world’s largest balloon sentence, which broke a Guinness World Record.

We hereby attach some reference:

This production received the following awards:

1. Best Shorts – Winner:

  • Award of Excellence, Documentary Short, My Sister.
  • Award of Excellence, Latin / Hispanic
  • The Best Shorts is an exceptional, truly international awards competition, not a traditional film festival – which allows filmmakers from around the world to enter their films in this prestigious competition.
  • Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry for each season.  Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional filmmaking.  Notable artistic and technical productions are recognized at the Award of Merit award level and Award of Recognition recognizes achievement in a specific category of entry.
  • This recognition has had a positive impact on many entrepreneurs, since this success story shows them a path that they can follow hand in hand with the Nieves sisters in the world of Artistic Decoration with balloons.

Other awards received:

2. LAFA – Los Angeles Film Awards

  • Best Inspirational Film, September 2020
  • Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) is a monthly competition for filmmakers and screenwriters from all over the world.

3. Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards

  • Winner: Writer – Program (Non-News)
  • Winner: Photographer – Program (Non-News)
  • Nominees: Human Interest – Program/Special (3 nominations in this category, selected from 1800 videos)