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About Us And What We Love To Do

Genevid Park C.A was the name we gave for our company. “Gene” of Genesis and “vid” of Iravid, this company only dedicated to rent inflatable mattresses for events and children’s parties. We had more than 12 inflatables, which deteriorated with the transfer and the use they were given at parties.

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That’s why we decided to leave them in a fixed place. The C.C. Galerias Avila in Caracas opens the doors to place them on weekends. Which was a success!

“step by step, from conquest to conquest”

Always willing to learn!

Thanks to the clients to whom we rented the inflatable mattresses for their balloon decoration request for their events, Genesis and Iravid specialize in the art of balloons, training in different courses, festivals, outside and inside their country, growing in They have a great passion and love for this art.

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Genesis Nieves opens a store in C.C. Galerias Avila, specialized in the sale of balloons and gifts. A space full of magic, offering its creations as baskets with sweets and stuffed animals, helium balloons, decorations, cups and cushions, managed to be a thriving store thanks to its service.

“balloons that didn’t float 😭”

 The need vs. The creativity!


Because of their great success at the store, they decided to make a purchase of 1000 numbers in China to sell them to the public with helium, these numbers for their heavy material did NOT float, so we had the need to sell them in a different and beautiful way.

It was there when the product was created, Balloon Bouquets. Numbers in bases of balloons decorated in a harmonic way, which allowed the client to customize them to their liking.


You sell what you are!


AND BOOM! The Balloons Bouquets were recognized nationally and internationally, a different gift that is not roses or chocolates, but a versatile product for any occasion, went viral. In addition, the way to sell it in Balloon Decorations made it even more successful.

It is not only balloon art but also a way to convey in them the most important thing that is EMOTION! A feeling that infects the person who receives the Bouquet, we certainly work in joy with our super emotional deliveries.

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Prepare for success!

Seeing the impact caused by Balloons Bouquets and surprise decorations, Decoraciones Globos has reached television channels, in the most watched shows in Venezuela, which led to this even more popular balloon art to give, surprise and decorate.

We were contacted by the most influential actors and actresses in the country to decorate or surprise their loved ones.

“Mara of gold come to me …”

Wow “Creative International Projection Project”

Decoraciones Globos is recognized as one of the most influential companies in the art of the world of the Balloons, for its great performance in creating and marketing decorations in a different way, taking a turn in this industry.

A Golden Mara prize was awarded to the Nieves sisters, for “Creative Project of International Projection”

Hi miami …

Talk about your business, all the time!

Decoraciones Balloons, Genesis Nieves and Iravid Nieves are internationalized by opening a branch in the city of Miami. Generating impact on the balloon industry in the United States.

They decorate, surprise with their creation Balloon Boquets to renowned artists and television programs.

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Leave a mark .. they are indelible

In Caracas Genesis and Iravid Nieves decide to impart their knowledge through face-to-face courses. They transmit their experiences in a cheerful and dynamic way, classes full of content based on real experiences with amazing techniques and projects, created by their authority.

Venezuelan youtubers

Surprise with something new every day

Génesis and Iravid Nieves also impart their knowledge through their YouTube channel, they have more than 159,000 subscribers. They are the first Venezuelan Youtubers of this art successfully on the YouTube platform.

They happily explain various easy-to-do projects related to all audiences.

“quality seal”

Work with the best

Genesis and Iravid Nieves, professionalize in art day after day, which makes them get the CBA (Certified Balloon Decorator) of the well-known brand of balloons Qualatex.

It is there that the artists create an alliance with this renowned brand with more than 100 years in the market, manufacturing the best balloons worldwide, such as Qualatex, they become professional instructors of the brand, consolidating internationally.

“And what is your story?”

An Illusion come true in hundreds of lives

His great annual event “ILLUSION CLASS” is recognized worldwide for being one of the most complete training of this art. People from all over the world attend to learn from the hand of the artists Genesis and Iravid Nieves. In addition to being a great event where its content is exclusive created for people attending this class.

Illusion aims to train and unite great artists from the world of balloons. It is about living all illusions in a class full of unpublished content.

In 2019, renowned guild artists are incorporated to train in this magnificent class, teaching their best projects in balloons. Making ILLUSION CLASS become a great convention.

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Genesis Nieves and Iravid Nieves CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) Winners of a Mara de Oro award for “Creative Project of International Projection”, creators of the Balloons Bouquets, making a worldwide impact for taking a turn in the balloon industry by positioning their creation as the main best selling product in the industry, offering them in a different way, conveying emotions through joy! Renowned for their amazing and creative decorations, with more than 9 years of experience in this wonderful artistic world; They have captivated the public with their exotic balloon scenarios, managing to influence the lives of many who share the same passion, in different countries of the world such as Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Spain, India, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, among others.

His creations have marked a trend for their original style along with the illusion they convey in each decoration. Hard work, boldness and devotion for what they do, are the qualities that have catapulted the skills of these decorating sisters.

Because of their great impact on balloon decorations, they have been chosen to decorate great artists internationally, in the world of entertainment, entertainment, sports, movies, music, at the same time on television programs.


They serve as instructors of Qualatex, one of the largest balloon manufacturers, and, in addition, they operate as speakers. Because of their great talent they have reached great international conventions transmitting their knowledge with unpublished content based on their real experiences of successes and failures.

They have created important events of their brand, such as “ILLUSION CLASS” which is the annual convention of their brand that has impacted on this wonderful world of balloons, where people from different countries and cities attend.

For Iravid and Genesis Nieves it is a pride to have success stories worldwide thanks to their training, which makes them continue to be enthusiastic about this wonderful art.

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