Largest Balloon Sentence

Guinness World Record

The largest balloon sentence made out of latex balloons filled with regular air consists of around 12,000.00 balloons and is achieved by the Nieves sisters, Genesis and Iravid, who as artistic producers and balloon creators wish to give a message to the artists and balloon entrepreneurs worldwide.

The structure is made of aluminum rods, which are accordingly shaped to each letter within the phrase.

The chosen phrase: “Success has nothing to do with luck it is a matter of consistency” refers to our documentary “My Sister” where we show that nothing comes by chance, it is up to us to be constant and thus fulfill our dreams.

My Sister Documentary Film

Constancia Documentary Film

We want to give you a motivational message and inspire many to follow their goals, doing what they love to do.

We all must do something that makes us happy, this allows us to work with passion and obtain better results.

This message will be made out of our art in balloons. Attached we leave images where the phrase made in balloons is shown.

We will do it in Miami Dade County, in an open area, a farm located in Kendall, Florida.

On October 18th, 2020 the letters shaped with and made in balloons will shine lying on the grass. This way, we will make different camera shots from a Drone.

Each letter is approximately 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

Friday 23 Oct 2020

Saturday 23 Oct 2020

Sunday 23 Oct 2020